Stainless steel thermos flask children’s cartoon straw cup

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Stainless steel student kettle with straw for you to import

Model No.: TI-3014

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Product Description

Product Name: handle strap interchangeable dual-purpose thermos cup

Packing number: 50 pieces / box

Color: green orange

Capacity: 360ml

Heat transfer cartoon pattern

Customizable logo

316 straw thermos cup

Support wholesale, whole container, bulk cargo, customization, and consult customer service for details

Product design concept:

From material safety to color matching, from product design to every mouthful of drinking experience

Just to give you a healthy and lovely mug. Baby, who loves drinking water, is the best example in our paradise

Six features of the product:

1. Silica gel biting suction nozzle
2. 316 stainless steel
3. Cute cartoon pattern
4. Handle strap dual purpose
5. 360ml large capacity
6. Cover blowout prevention design

Special details:

1. Bitable silicone straw

Adopt food grade silica gel straw, BPA Free, healthy, safe and odorless

Good toughness, bite resistance, high temperature resistance – 20 ℃ ~ 100 ℃

It can be used for up to three years

2. Design of safety blowout prevention button
Press and hold the bounce button for 2-5 seconds
After waiting for the hot air in the cup to dissipate, the lid will be opened automatically to avoid hot water splashing and give children more protection
Warm tip: long press the bounce button for 2-5 seconds, wait for the hot air in the cup to release, and the bounce cover will automatically pop open the cup cover.

Do not fill hot water above 50c, otherwise the air pressure in the cup will be too high and hot water will gush. In addition, the baby’s cavity and esophagus are delicate, and too hot water is easy to damage the baby’s delicate digestive tract mucosa.

One key release of hot gas, blowout prevention button design, one key release of air pressure in the cup

Prevent hot water splashing and scalding

Product Parameter

thermos parameters

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