Korean cartoon stainless steel thermos cup bouncing cover

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Children’s Straw Cup cute student personality simple water cup

Model No.: TI-3020

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Temperature display children’s Cup


Fingertip black Technology


Display temperature sensing point


Tap to display the temperature


Touch the upper right corner of the temperature display to display the temperature, and a film is attached to the surface


Prevent the surface of plastic parts from being scratched;


There is a distance between the temperature sensor head and the water surface, and the temperature display will have an error of ± 5 ℃;


The cover contains electronic components, which is slightly waterproof and can be washed in a short time,


Do not heat in any form or rinse for a long time;


Do not immerse the intelligent straw cover in water for a long time or put it in water


Cooking to avoid water leakage and insensitive display caused by plastic deformation;


If the display is incomplete or insensitive, please put the intelligent straw cover still


2-3 days, so that the chip can be automatically repaired after natural drying!


Warm boiled water below 45 ℃ should be filled to prevent splashing due to excessive temperature


Shooting, scalding, etc;


Tips for cleaning thermos cup


The inner liner of the thermos cup can be scalded with boiling water


It is recommended to wash the cup cover with warm or cold water. Do not wash or soak it at high temperature,


So as not to cause deformation and damage

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