The New item : China Custom made Big belly thermos bottles

What do you do when you need a lot of drinking water such as outside or do sport , but your original bottle capacity is small ? You want a bottle that looks stylish and has a large capacity for your everyday use .

This year, our factory develop a big size bottle to suit for you use,we called them : Big belly thermos bottles. This bottle with straw and  handle strap .

What is the bottle’s difference ?

The first , the bottle’s capacity is very big,it is 1000ML ,it could meet you the whole day use.

The second, the bottle with straw and handle strap,it is easy for use and carry. It is also suit for student use.

The Third, the material of the bottle is 18/8 stainless steel,it is food safe material and safe for use.

The fourth, You could add some DIY stickers outside the bottle,it looks fishon and cute.

The fifth, The bottles have many different colors for you choose.


If you are interested of this bottle,please contact me.

Post time: Jan-11-2022