The first postdoctoral workstation in the cup & pot industry was established in Yongkang city

Recently, Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province established a postdoctoral workstation, which is the first postdoctoral workstation in the cup & pot industry in our city. So far, our postdoctoral workstation has covered many industries and fields such as new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and modern agriculture, ranking in the forefront of Zhejiang Province!

As a representative of the cup & pot industry, Zhejiang Jupeng drinkware Co., Ltd. creates a leading brand in the cup and pot industry at home and abroad by producing a series of industry-leading health cups and smart cups. After the completion of the postdoctoral workstation, he made the opening report on the design, regulation and mechanism of micro scale interface between C / C composite and superalloy brazing connection, and designed and developed the carbon based network composite intermediate layer based on the application of C / C composite and Nb brazing connection, which was highly praised by experts, The project is of great significance to promote the application of new materials in the connection field and promote the development of connection technology, and injects new power into the application of new materials in the cup & pot industry. At the same time, through the combination of talent strength and enterprise demand, the competitiveness of enterprise products is further enhanced.

In order to promote the construction of postdoctoral scientific research workstations, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security has repeatedly organized Postdoctoral Station building enterprises to go to more than 10 colleges and 8 postdoctoral workstations have been built. In the next step, we will promote the full coverage of postdoctoral workstations of listed enterprises, and focus on the establishment of "specialized, refined, special and new" enterprises, so as to provide high-level talent support for building "the world hardware capital, quality and vitality".