Free your hands ,the great stirring cups was launched

Many people now make their own coffee in the office or at home. The correct mixing method will make the coffee more perfect.  Now, we jupeng drinkware have invented a cup that can automatically stir. It can help you stir coffee automatically. This is a very unique design, and many people like it very much. We named them : Stirring cups.

Compared with normal cups, the stirring cups has the following advantages:

1. The stirring cup is a cup that can automatically mix at a uniform speed. There is a button on its handle, and you can control it at any time;

2. The Stirring cups could Prevent coffee from splashing on our clothes when we stir;

3. It is a small plastic gear at the bottom, which is very safe to use and clean, and its battery is also very durable;

4. The design of the double wall design can prevent it from being hot during use;

5. The cup body can be made into different colors according to customer requirements, and different LOGO can be printed at the same time, which is both beautiful and practical.


Post time: Oct-18-2021