Lovely student stainless steel thermos cup with temperature display

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Ins water cup high quality popular hot selling pot children’s big belly cup

Model No.: TI-3029

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One cup three lid children’s intelligent temperature display stainless steel thermos Thermos Pot student cup

1. Intelligent temperature measurement, one touch to know

Real time temperature your tacit drinking partner

2. Intelligent drink without worry, one cup with three covers for children

Smart temperature measurement 3D relief pattern to send fashion cup cover

3. Children adore thermos cups and babies love to drink water. They thrive all the way

Touch temperature display, 316 stainless steel, long-term insulation, three cover design

4. Clear digital display, one touch temperature display

It contains intelligent chip to know the dynamic of water temperature in real time

With one touch, the temperature can be displayed

5. Meng Chong’s general mobilization is good enough not to hit the cup

Choose from six cartoon cute animal shapes

Turn the baby by looking cute and let the baby fall in love with drinking water
6. Three cover multi-purpose cup, drinking new fun

Unlock three drinking modes to meet the drinking needs of cute children of different ages

7. Warm core upgrade, 316 seamless mirror liner

Integrated seamless liner, bid farewell to traditional seam welding

Mirror spinning technology greatly improves the thermal insulation effect

316 sus stainless steel is more healthy in oxidation and corrosion resistance

8. Suitable for 1-8 years old, straw type bouncing cover

It is recommended to inject warm water at 50 ℃ to avoid excessive water temperature and scalding

Suitable for 8-12 years old, inverted double cover

Press one key to water out, cup cover to drink, hot water to cool, safe and portable
9. Vacuum and temperature free process

German lead-free vacuum technology to block heat loss

The 5-layer process is analyzed layer by layer, bringing many warm guarantees

316 stainless steel liner, copper plated isolation layer, lead-free vacuum layer, imported 3D baking paint layer

10. EU standard, lead-free vacuum pumping

Adopt new EU lead-free vacuum technology

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